• Top tips for buying a used BMW
Top tips for buying a used BMW

Top tips for buying a used BMW


As one of the premium brands in the car market BMW’s command a loyal following despite a relatively high ticket price with their entry level one series coming in at around £24,500. The pre-owned market for BMW’s is an enticing option for people wanting to own a luxury vehicle for less.

One of the key reasons people choose to drive a BMW is because of their cutting-edge technology. They reduce fuel consumption, reduce CO2 emissions, yet at the same time increase driving dynamics and performance. Recognised world-wide as a leader in the car manufacturing world there are wide range of models and styles to choose from.

Here’s an outline of the key points and styles to consider when buying a used BMW


Properly maintained and regularly serviced your used BMW should maintain its reputation as being a highly reliable and efficient car brand. The onboard computer systems in newer models help with identifying any potential issues from decreased tyre pressure to more technical issues which will help with keeping your car in perfect condition.


The BMW range covers a wide range of markets, uses and styles so it’s important to think ahead as to what you are going to be mostly using the car for? Are you a family looking for space, 4x4 capability, or a busy executive spending your time on the motorway wanting comfort and style or do you long for a sporty convertible?

Here’s an outline on the 5 most popular used BMW’s we regularly have for sale at Pershore Motor Group.


One of the most popular choices in our pre-owned sector and usually at the top end of the price bracket. The spacious and commanding style of the X5 combines 4x4 style with family living and good fuel economy. Big 4x4s tend to drink a lot of fuel, but the X5 is more efficient than most. The 30d diesel version returns an official average of 45.6mpg, whereas the equivalent Porsche Cayenne manages only 39.2mpg and the Land Rover Discovery 35.3mpg. If you’re prepared to live without four-wheel drive, you can even have an X5 with an average of more than 50mpg.


Sophisticated and affordable this is a great alternative to the X5 with plenty of spec and style. Smaller in body style to the X5 but still a substantial 4x4 and one of the most accomplished SUV’s on the market.


Chunky, rugged styling the X1 is a great entry into the X series with slightly raised suspension, tougher cladding and more interior space over the standard 1 Series hatchback.


One of the most popular models in the BMW range is the 3-series available in convertible, saloon and estate body styles. The ever popular saloon style combines the best in BMW dynamics with low running costs, plenty of legroom and a 480 litre boot. One of the key factors with the 3 series is the rear-wheel drive which offers a great driving experience combined with excellent performance and competitive emissions.

The 3 Series Tourer brings all of the benefits of the saloon together with the practicality of an executive estate style. Key benefits of the BMW Tourer are:

  • fun handling
  • strong performance
  • efficient engines
  • quality cabins
  • excellent infotainment

BMW 6 Series Sport

Powerful, elegant and luxurious the 6 Series is a top of the range model which comes in both a coupe and convertible model. With unique styling, room for four proper seats and one of the best-looking cars in the BMW range, the 6 series is available with some terrific engine options.

Whichever style suits your vibe there’s plenty of options available in our pre-owned used BMW range and if there something you would love but can’t see listed here then get in touch and we will do some research for you.

  • Top tips for buying a used BMW
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